Senior Researcher Competition


Are you a transport innovator? Have you carried out highly impactful research funded by the EU? If so then you could be eligible for the TRA VISIONS senior researcher competition (previously called EU Champions of Research Competition).

Cutting edge transport research has a profound effect both on our lives and the world we experience, changing the way we travel, consume and interact with each other.

TRA 2018 will feature the third edition of this Senior Researcher Competition. This competition recognises and celebrates leading researchers who are or have recently been contributing to surface transport EU-funded projects. Successful candidates will have to demonstrate excellence and prove impacts in their field of research.

This competition will provide a platform to further disseminate knowledge and results from research projects in surface transport, promoting future synergies and the further development of innovative ideas in line with the strategic objectives of the TRA stakeholders.

The Senior Researcher competition will act as a showcase for the very best EU-funded research and encourage the identification of current and future leaders in the field, thus contributing to building a vibrant community of transport researchers working in the different modes in Europe.

The competition will be promoted through the stakeholders in the consortium, national contact points, targeted contact coordinators, participants in EU-funded transport projects and the TRA conference itself.

Participants will be asked to submit a paper by September 2017.



You can register your details by selecting the link “Register as a senior researcher” and completing the registration form that is found there.

The TRA VISIONS consortium welcomes you and invites you to join the "TRA VISIONS" network. Participation and access to the information on the website is free of charge, but does require registration.

1 Entry will either be via the TRA 2018 conference website ( or directly to the TRA VISIONS 2018 website (
2 Entries must be based (wholly or in part) on research funded by the EU from Jan 2012 onwards. Research with a mix of EU and other funding is acceptable but if the EU contribution is small the submission maybe given a lower weighting.
3 Previous winners are not eligible for the competition, but may still submit papers to the conference. Previous unsuccessful entrants including finalists are encouraged to re‐enter the competition.
4 Entries directly to the TRA VISIONS website must be recently published (from 1 Jan 2016), peer reviewed papers that relate to transport research wholly or in part funded by the EU. The papers must be no longer than 8 sides. The entrants are responsible for any copyright issues.
5 Entrants must not be directly related or affiliated to the individuals participating in the TRA VISIONS 2018 (Project No 723037) consortium.
6 Multiple entries are permitted to a maximum of three per individual, if two or more are shortlisted for an individual only the highest scoring entry will be taken to the final selection workshop.
7 At their discretion the organisers may limit the number of entries but they will accept a minimum of 300 entries in total and 80 per mode for entry via the TRA 2018 conference and 120 in total and 40 per mode for entries directly to the TRA VISIONS website.
8 The deadline for entry to the Senior Researcher Competition on the TRA VISIONS website is 31 August 2017 23:59 CET. The deadline for entry via the TRA 2018 conference is the first published paper submission deadline 15th September 2017 23:59 CET. The judges reserve the right to amend these deadlines and consider papers after these deadlines.
9 Long listed entrants will be informed in good time and given at least four weeks to provide any additional material requested.
10 A winner will be selected in each mode; road, rail, waterborne and cross modal transport. Each winner will be presented with a trophy.
11 Winners will be required to attend the award ceremony at the TRA 2018 conference and give a short presentation (about 3 minutes) based on their EU funded research and its impact. In addition winners will be expected to cooperate in a timely manner with the competition organisers for reasonable requests for additional material to support the awards ceremony and publicity.
12 For the winners the organisers will provide a contribution towards reasonable accommodation and travel expenses to the TRA 2018 Conference in Vienna, Austria. This is conditional upon provision of receipts.
13 Winners are responsible for organizing their own accommodation and travel to and from the conference in Vienna.
14 Winners will be acknowledged on both the TRA VISIONS 2018 and the TRA 2018 conference websites and may be acknowledged on the websites of the project consortium members.
15 Shortlisted entrants will receive a certificate acknowledging their achievement.
16 Entrants must comply with all rules to be eligible for the prizes, certificates and contributions towards their accommodation and travel expenses.
17 No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently.
18 Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and to agree to be bound by them when entering this competition.
19 The competition organisers do not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries due to poor performance of the Internet – applicants are advised to apply as early as possible.
20 The Judges decision is final in every situation including any not covered above and no correspondence will be entered into.
21 The Judges and competition organisers reserve the right to have discretion regarding the rules.
22 The organisers reserve the right to cancel the competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in their opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of their control. In such circumstances, no costs will be refunded.
23 The organisers reserve the right not to award a prize in one or more categories in the unlikely event that the Judges decide that no entry is of sufficient standard.


  • There are no specific educational, qualification or nationality requirements but as a guide it is envisioned that entrants will be senior researchers well recognised in their field.
  • The competition is primarily aimed at individual champions but this does not exclude a joint entry from two or more senior researchers working on a collaborative project.In this case the relative contributions of the senior researchers must be provided as well as the benefits gained from the collaboration. When assessing output the judges will take in to consideration the number of senior researchers for any submission.
  • The organisers recognise that research is often a team effort and are keen to recognise the work of all team members.Shortlisted candidates may provide a list of the research group who have supported their work.

Entrants must select the most appropriate transport mode for their submission. Submissions need not be exclusively constrained to a single transport mode but can only be consider once.

Cross Modal

The submission must provide evidence for one or more of the following for the entrant based upon the entrant’s EU funded transport related research portfolio from January 2012 onwards.

Scientific Impact
Policy development
Public Outreach
Economic Impact

Entry to the competition can be by

  • Submission of a technical paper / abstract to the TRA 2018 conference website (
  • Submission of a recently published technical paper to the TRA VISIONS 2018 website ( Researchers who wish to use the direct entry route must first register on the TRA VISIONS 2018 website.

All submissions must be in English.

Entries will be evaluated on the evidence provided and the scientific and public impact of their research from EU-funded projects.

Consideration will be given to

Resources available
Amount and proportion of EU-funding
Impact on national, EU and global levels
Relevance to transport.

21 DEC 2016

Competition launch


This is the registration period where all the participants are invited to register their ideas and submit their projects.

31 AUG 2017 23:59 CET

Submission of entries deadline (direct submission)

15 SEP 2017 23:59 CET

Submission of entries deadline (via TRA conference)


From this date will start an initial evaluation.

DEC 2017

Final evaluation of submitted projects.
Results announced


Preparation for conference and award ceremony.

16-19 APR 2018

TRA conference - Awards Ceremony


For more information about the competition download
the "Senior Researcher Competition Guidelines 2018"
or contact Prof. Alistair Greig at
(Size: 228 kByte)


The four top winners for each mode (road, rail, waterborne and cross-modality) have been announced during the TRAVISIONS 2016 award ceremony at TRA 2016 in Warsaw on 18th April 2016. The awards were presented by Magda Kopczynska, Director, European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport.