The concept behind the Senior Researchers Competition is to have an award celebrating excellence in transport related research. It is open for leading transport researchers engaged with EU-funded projects who can demonstrate proven impacts in their field. The competition provides a platform to disseminate knowledge and results from innovation and/or research projects in Transport, promoting future synergies and further development of pioneering ideas, in line with the strategic objectives of the TRA stakeholders.

The Senior Researchers Competition acts as a showcase for some of the best EU-funded innovation and research, and encourages the identification of current and future leaders in their field. The competition was promoted through the stakeholders in the consortium, through national contact points and through targeted contact coordinators and participants in EU-funded transport projects. Participants could register for the competition either directly via the TRA VISIONS website or via the TRA 2022 conference entry portal.

The evaluation was a three-stage process. Firstly, all entries were reviewed for content, eligibility, and relevance to produce a long list. All entries which were selected for the long list were then invited to submit additional information, an impact statement about their research and a brief CV. These submissions were assessed by at least two independent, subject expert evaluators against the following selection criteria: (i) amount and proportion of EU funding; (ii) impact of research on national, EU and global levels; (iii) relevance to transport and (iv) research track record of entrants. A SHORT LIST of four entrants was produced for each transport mode (Road, Rail, Air, Waterborne and Cross modality). The winners were chosen by an expert panel at a selection workshop held at the European Commission in Brussels on September 13th, 2022. The panel consisted of transportation experts and stakeholders, as well as representatives from the EC and academia.


The TRA VISIONS 2022 winners were awarded during the TRA 2022 conference gala dinner on 15th of November in Lisbon. The book was prepared by the TRA VISIONS 2022 consortium and was designed and directed by Ms. Micol Biscotto, project manager at Deep Blue ltd, Mr. Carlo Abate, consultant and Ms. Chiara Muccitelli, graphic designer at the same company and Mr. George Smyrnakis, Secretary General of WEGEMT with the support of Prof. Alistair Greig (UCL).

Road Award Winners


George Yannis

National Technical University of Athens (Greece)

Traffic and Safety Engineering; data management and analysis

Short listed

Nicolas Hautière

Université Gustave Eiffel (France)

Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, Physical and Digital Infrastructure

Selim Solmaz

Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH (Austria)

Autonomous systems; control theory; connected automated driving; testing and validation

Carmelo d’Agostino

Lund University (Sweden)

Road Traffic Safety, Autonomous Vehicles

Rail Award Winners


Nicole Dörr

AC2T research GmbH (Austria)

Tribology; Condition-based and predictive maintenance strategies

Short listed

David Connolly

University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

Railway track dynamics; railway settlement; hyperloop

Stefano Ricci

Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

Rail Infrastructure, Passenger & Freight Terminals, Rail Carbodies

Juan de Dios Sanz Bobi

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)

Control and signalling; energy efficiency; freight transport and circular economy

Waterborne Award Winners


Mehmet Atlar

University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)

Hydrodynamics, Ship powering, Energy saving

Short listed

Rafet Kurt

University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)

Human Factors; Ship design; maritime safety

Leonidas Ntziachristos

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Combustion and Pollutants Formation in Thermal Engines

Sebastian Verhelst

Ghent University / Lund University (Belgium / Sweden)

Renewable fuels, combustion

Airborne Award Winners


Bruno Santos

Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)

Condition-based maintenance; data-driven decision support; aircraft maintenance

Short listed

Vittorio Cipolla

University of Pisa (Italy)

Aircraft design; UAV; Sustainable Aviation

Annika Paul

Bauhaus Luftfahr (Germany)

Multimodality; passenger behaviour; air transport demand

Konstantinos Tserpes

University of Patras (Greece)

Composite Materials

Cross modality Award Winners


Anu Tuominen

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (Finland)

Sustainable Mobility; Transport Climate Policy

Short listed

Peter Bresseleers

Port Expertise (Belgium)

Logistics; Port infrastructure

Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia

Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)

Automated Transport; electric mobility; shared mobility hubs

Páraic Carroll

University College Dublin (Ireland)

Transport resilience